Wedi Ireng / Black Sand

In Javanese language, “wedi” means sand and “ireng” means black. Wedi Ireng is one of the beautiful beaches in the village Pancer Pesanggaran Sub-district. The distance is only about three kilometers from the Island of red or around 65 kilometers south of the city center Banyuwangi.

This beach is still very beautiful and natural with sea water is blue and clear enough. The lips of the beach surrounded by the green trees that provide shade atmosphere. The sand beach is composed of the sand is white and black that become one. A row of the coral reefs in the edge of the coast more add enchantment. On one side of the beach there is a very large stones which becomes the landmark Wedi Ireng.

Tourists can play water, swimming or fishing. In addition in this beach also has some of the best spot to enjoy the panorama sunrise and sunset.

Access to the location is not easy. Can be taken with the use of personal vehicle and continued on foot with journey time 3 – 4 hours from the city of Banyuwangi. Or using fishing boats from the coast mustika with time traveled around 20 minutes.

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